Monday, August 23, 2004

Ya scum!!!

At some point in life, we are all scum to someone else. It is not a pretty thing, but it is essential for our societal survival. As scum, we must learn to live together in a sea of distrust and seathing anger. Only by moving past all of these negative emotions, can we evolve and become the non-scum entities we were born to be. Some never reach this point and will forever be scum. Others have a scum-freeing epiphany that happens just before their hearts stop beating. Still, others, like us, recognize our scumminess and choose to deal with it (and each other [ya scums]) until we can let go of our bottom dwelling psyches and achieve what Krankorians refer to as The Release of the Caustic Vapors--a cleansing soul fart, if you will. Have at it, and remember, we only treat each other like scum, because we are scum.

--The Phantom